About Us

About Jaya Prakarsa

Jaya Prakarsa is a leading Company in Indonesia that offers a variety of professional services to support various types of businesses. We specialize in BPOM Management Services to ensure that your products comply with the regulations of the Indonesian National Agency of Drug and Food Control (BPOM). Additionally, we also provide SNI Management Services to assist businesses in meeting the requirements of the Indonesian National Standard (SNI), making it easier to access the Indonesian market.

Furthermore, Jaya Prakarsa offers Indonesian Company Registration Services, reliable supplier search services, warehouse management , human resources and others. Jaya Prakarsa is the trusted partner for all your business needs in Indonesia.

Why Choose Us?

For Small and Medium Enterprise (SME), we understand their limitation. Just like our tag line, “understand customer better” we prioritize the spirit of “helping”, especially Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) to be more competitive.

We believe that customer trust is a key. In consequence, we emphasize honesty in providing information/ advice/ consultancy to our customers.

We have the best resources that able to provide maximum performance to increase consumer trust. Our consultation services are free of charge. As a customer, you have the right to get the best recommendations from services we have.

In our view, all stakeholders have their respective roles in the progress of the company. All staff/ employees, contributors, and management must growth. Including you, our loyal customers, who we are trying to help to be able to accelerate faster. No ane left behind, coz we are family!

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