Our Services

Our services

BPOM Management Services

Ensure your products comply with the regulations of the Indonesian National Agency of Drug and Food Control (BPOM) with our expert management services.

SNI Management Services

Meet the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) requirements for your products with our specialized management services.

Indonesian Company Registration Services

Simplify the process of registering your company in Indonesia with our professional assistance.

Indonesian Supplier Search Services

Find reliable suppliers in Indonesia to support your business operations effectively.

Warehouse Fulfillment Services

Efficiently manage your inventory and distribution with our warehouse fulfillment services.

Company Establishment and Standard Licenses

Services include company establishment, including the acquisition of standard licenses necessary for business operations.

Import Identification Number (API) Management Services

Facilitates the process of activating import licenses to streamline the company's import activities.

Trade Mark Registration Service (HAKI)

Provides brand registration services to protect intellectual property rights through the Intellectual Property Rights (HAKI)

Temporary Stay Permit (KITAS) Management Services

Assists in obtaining Temporary Stay Permit Cards (KITAS) for investors without involving tax payments.

GMP Certificate Apply Service

Processes Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate.

Service looking for Chinese language translator employees

This service involves the recruitment and hiring of individuals proficient in the Chinese language to work as translators. The process includes identifying suitable candidates, assessing language proficiency, and facilitating the onboarding of Chinese language translators for businesses or projects.

Indonesia Corporate Bank Account opening service

This service assists businesses in the process of opening corporate bank accounts in Indonesia.

Factory Relocation Services from China to Indonesia

Provides services for relocating factories from China to Indonesia, including sourcing suitable locations for the relocated industry.

Factory Workers Outsourcing Services

Offers outsourcing services for factory workers.