A complete solution for setting up a company in Indonesia.

Incorporate a foreign owned company (PT PMA) in Jakarta in five working days. Get commercial address and business licenses. Starting from $1500.

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Jaya Prakarsa has shown excellent service to our Indonesian company

Alvina 2 months ago

Our company has used Jaya Prakarsa services more than once. And everything is done precisely and quick. Thanks to Wafiq for helping us patiently and informatively!

Jesica 1 months ago

Professional company and services

Aksa Adhlino 2 months ago

Responsive and efficient staff, , Knowledgeable and professional service , Smooth and hassle-free process

Amelia Mia 5 months ago

Recommended services to use Jaya Prakarsa. Very warm & kind support services by Ms. Joanne & Team to provide the information and process for our company’s documents.

Charlie Cooper 1 months ago


Key requirements for setting up a company in Indonesia

The exact process of company registration in Indonesia is determined by your business classification.

All government and state fees

Both individual and corporate shareholders are allowed.

Rp. 10 billion paid up capital

Paid up capital will be paid once the company is incorporated.

Foreign ownership restrictions

Foreign ownership restrictions

Commercial address

A company needs a registered commercial address which can be provided by Jaya Prakarsa

Five working days

The fastest incorporation time when using Jaya Prakarsa registered address.

The fastest incorporation time when using Jaya Prakarsa's registered address.

At least one of the company directors must be an Indonesian or an Indonesian resident.

At least one commissioner

Commissioner is a non-executive role that supervises the work of directors.

Commercial licenses

Some business classifications require additional licenses which will be processed after the company is incorporated.

Simple transparent pricing

No hidden fees. Get your company registered in Indonesia in five working days.

Company setup in Indonesia

Get a limited liability company (PT PMA) incorporated in Indonesia. Visiting Indonesia during the registration process is not required.


All government and state fees

One year of registered commercial address in Jakarta

Drafting and filing the application to the Indonesian government

Free investment reporting (LKPM) for the first year

Total Fee

$ 1500 USD

Get started or discuss with our consultans first

Fill out the form below and tell us about your planned activities in Indonesia. Our consultants will reach out to you to start the registration process or schedule a meeting first.

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